December 20, 2020

Twelve Holiday Truths

I thought I would take a moment and share twelve holiday truths that have become clear to me this holiday season. Some of them are funny, and some a little poignant. 

  1. There’s no doubt that health-care professionals are the heroes of 2020. A close second  in my book are the grocery and alcohol delivery people (although I don’t appreciate the judge-y looks I’ve been getting lately from the Total Wine guy — Dude, mind your own business). 
  2. We’ve all dreamed of having a blissful holiday where we have no obligations. Now all of the sudden we have no obligations, and the world is a funny, crazy, lonely place.
  3. My needs have simplified. In 2019 my favorite holiday footwear was my beloved suede Stuart Weitzman boots. This year, all I need are my fuzzy bunny slippers (and as it turns out, BONUS—they are good for dog walks as well). 
  4. My husband has never been so cooperative in putting up holiday decorations and listening to holiday music. Who knew it would take a pandemic to soften his inner Grinch?
  5. Pandemic pounds are one thing. Pandemic holiday pounds are slightly more terrifying. All I want for Christmas is a muumuu. 
  6. We’ve lived in the same house for 11 years. Who knew our neighbors were such nice people?! We’ve finally been home long enough to meet them. If you’re reading this Lona, I love the wreaths you put on your windows. 
  7. Who would have guessed that spending so much time apart would cause us to appreciate the deep value of human connection so keenly? I miss hugging. 
  8. In considering what I want for Christmas, I find myself wishing I could travel back in time to last Christmas so I could ask for Netflix and Zoom stock.
  9. Who needs a new holiday tie or a dress? This year we get to wear our Christmas jammies for 96 hours straight. Blessing or curse? You decide. 
  10. All of the sudden the holiday baking I haven’t done for the last seven or eight years sounds appealing and feels fun. However, refer back to #5.
  11. We know that dogs are humans’ best friends. This year, they’ve actually been our emotional support system. With the absence of loved ones at our holiday table, I’m considering setting them a place. Alpo on blue and white china, anyone?
  12. I’ve never realized how little is required in order to have a holiday. Give me a few candles, a jug of eggnog, some take-out food and a strand of lights. Boom! No seriously, it doesn’t take all of the trappings I spend so much time procuring each year. It’s been a great reminder to me of what is true and important and how much simpler the holidays can be. 

So in this most amazing year, Philip and I would like to wish you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with sanctuary. May there be peace in all of our hearts. And if you have a few holiday reflections yourself, I would love to hear. Share them in the comments below.

With love and gratitude,


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2 responses to “Twelve Holiday Truths”

  1. Michelle Snyder says:

    I love these all. And all are relatable!
    So I will say my husband has never had so many opinions on how to decorated the inside of our house for christmas. That is usually my department. However it was a blessing and a curse as I have more white light. with timer batteries then I thought possible. When your husband asks, “honey can you just add some more white lites and decor to my bar area.” You say SURE and know that your liver will be getting a workout this season to enjoy sitting/drinking in front of those twinkling white lights. Hahahah

    So I am not known for baking and haven’t made christmas cookies in years, but I too decide we needed “belly button cookies( as my mom called them growing up, AKA peanut butter blossoms,) and shocker look, I once again bought too many bananas at one time to eat so guess that will turn into banana bread Dec 23rd as well..LOL
    And yes, I have indulged a lot more with yummy foods, however I also know blame those “cute joggers “we can all wear now as they have elastic waist and somehow still make me “FEEL thinner then I am “ its a trick of the mind!

    So this blog was so fun, funny and real.. thank you for sharing!
    And I agree most of all MISSING those HUGS, and you my friend on top on my hug list for 2021
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Nancy Greystone says:

    I loved reading every single one one of your truths! (Though it was over a hot cup of coffee, the egg nog jug would have worked too.) I’d like to add a “truth”—Waking up on Sunday to a Finding Sanctuary post from you is high on my list of what it takes to feel like the world is a little more warm and a lot more welcoming. Thanks for the weekly balm of sanctuary in my inbox!

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