May 17, 2019

Self-Care: An Ode to Salt

Do you ever play mind games with yourself? Not the crazy-making kind, but the fun ones? I do! One of my favorites goes like this: If I could have only one substance/product to use for my physical self-care, what would it be? It’s a tough question, given all the lotions, ointments, oils, elixirs and scrubs competing for our attention. But as I play that game today, I’m reminded of the many uses of salt. That’s right. Good old salt. How could we live without it?

Salt is a great equalizer for both physical and emotional energy. We sweat it, we cry it, it’s essential for keeping our bodily fluids in proportion.

Salt also is a big player in emotional energy. If we yell at loved ones, the salt in their bodies absorbs the shock to their system, but in doing so, it redistributes their balance of bodily fluids. Isn’t that amazing?

In sanctuary spaces, we use salt to absorb negativity. A bowl of water with a handful of salt added draws the negative energy out of the space. Why does it work? Because negativity doesn’t just emanate from people; it can hang around objects. That’s why a little salt bath set up in strategic areas can work wonders to restore serenity and positivity to a room. It absorbs the negative energy and keeps it from lingering.

Another of salt’s attributes is that it is grounding. When you want to settle down, one of the best therapies is a salt bath. Some salts are even pre-scented with lavender or eucalyptus. If you want a different fragrance to enhance relaxation or rejuvenation, choose a couple of drops of your desired essential oil. For me, a few drops of lavender and orange added to my salt bath is my go-to after every business trip or vacation, grounding me—restoring me to myself—and softening me up for a good night’s sleep.

Salt lamps are good, too. The ones I like are made of pink Himalayan salt. They are just so lovely with their frosty beauty, and yet when lit, they exude a warm glow that’s hard to match.

Do you know about salt caves? If not, you’ll want to be sure these are on your radar. Imagine a cave-like room with salt on its walls, ceilings, and in piles on the floor. A large fan blows the salt into the air. Breathing in the salt air is excellent for the respiratory system. Because salt is basically a super power, salt caves of course make excellent, super-charged areas for meditating.

Sometimes in my design practice my sanctuary work comes full circle, like the time I was able to introduce a client to the therapeutic, self-healing attributes of salt. In a recent project for her home, I created an entire wall of Himalayan salt blocks, stacked up like large bricks. We added lighting behind it and it is the most beautiful (and useful) accent wall in her exercise room that you can imagine. It is a special place for meditation, massages and relaxation. She told me it’s her favorite place in the whole house. So don’t overlook the power of salt — simple, easy to buy and readily available. I’d love to hear how you experiment with it for yourself. Drop me a line in the comments below.

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