October 9, 2017

Sanctuary right here, right now

The hurricane.
The politics.
The news.
The shootings.
The climate.
The hate.
The worry.

I turned on the news today and then turned it off quickly. It reminded me why I rarely, if ever, watch those live news broadcasts anymore. I don’t have the stomach, or the heart for them.

It’s funny writing this, thinking about the posts I read online, the combative nature of people these days. The us vs. them mentality. I don’t quite know what to make of it, other than to say I am horrified. I am nervous. I am unsure. I second guess myself as I sit down to write loving, comforting words for myself and for my readers. I wonder if anyone will take one small phrase out of context and write hateful comments on my post. What a strange thing to have to think and worry about.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one having this worried, unbalanced experience.

But then again, your experience may be different. I hope that it is. But if it’s not and you are also struggling to assimilate what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what you may actually be experiencing in the daily pattern of your life, I have something for you. And that something is a slight shift in perspective. A change in the way we see ourselves and our place in the world.

I offer you sanctuary.

Doesn’t that sound like a relief, hearing it put like that? That lovely, evocative word.

I would like sanctuary. Respite from the worry. Relief from the angst and ugliness. A break from it all.

But what does that mean? What does that look like?

What if it looked like nothing more complicated than a hot, comforting cup of your favorite tea? A soft pair of slippers. A fire in the fireplace and a dog under your feet. A pen in your hand, a blank page beckoning. A candle flickering and warming the wax in the jar. A moment of quiet, of deep acceptance of the here and now, exactly as it is.

I think that sounds amazing. Life changing, even. And that is all that sanctuary is. A life changing, perspective altering, shift in the way we see the world.

What can you do to get to this mysterious sanctuary? Well, it isn’t hard. And it isn’t even that mysterious. It’s as simple as deciding you want to feel better. Dedicating time and space to yourself to meet that goal. Appointing that space with anything you feel you’ll need. And then entering it. That’s where the magic will happen; that’s where the mystery will start to unfold.

With gratitude,


P.S. I have a secret to share with you. I have been working on writing a class – an online class that you can take anywhere, anytime, that will step you through creating sanctuary for yourself. Yes, you read that right, and YES it’s going to be a catalyst for change and growth. I cannot wait to share it with you. Stay tuned – it’s coming in January 2018.

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