August 29, 2021

Sanctuary is...

A place we can go to hide and heal.

A way to cope. 

The understanding that creating peace around us, outside us, inspires peace inside us. 

A toolbox.

A path to find peace and harmony through small, everyday measures. 

A practice. 

A discipline.

A philosophy.

A platform from which we launch daily into the world and to which we return when it’s done and it’s time to go home. 

A stronghold.

An infrastructure for our lives that helps us shore up our innermost sanctum.

A fortress.

A new operating system that rewrites the code that runs our lives and manages our resources. 

An answer to the crisis of living in our world today.

Almost every day I am asked “What is sanctuary?”

Sanctuary is all of these and more.

Sanctuary brings us the possibility of hope and fulfillment because it helps bring us into the moment. This moment.

What does sanctuary mean to you?

With love and gratitude,


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