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Seven Days to Sanctuary

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Can life have more of that deep, quiet kind of joy that beckons us to drink in the moments and savor every one? How can we be more grounded, more creative, more fully alive? How do we meet the challenges that life throws at us, maintain our equanimity, and be present enough to allow ourselves to steep in the beauty that's all around us?

Imagine that you had a refuge, a place that was all your own, a safe place where you can tend to the workings of your inner being — a place to meditate, pray, create your art, write, or to just quietly be. Imagine that you get to spend time there every day, that place where your soul is nurtured. That is what a sanctuary is, and that is what a sanctuary does.

Life is full of challenges. Our environment can be toxic, both physically and spiritually. Rest can rejuvenate the body, but where do we go to truly rejuvenate our spirits? We instinctively sense this need to step away, if only for a few minutes, to a place that can nurture both our body and our spirit. We need it, badly. But how do we create such a space for ourselves?


In Seven Days to Sanctuary, you will learn how. This is your chance to let me walk with you through the steps of creating your sanctuary space to nurture your spirit.

Based on my experience creating sanctuary for myself and my daughter, my experience creating sanctuary for my interior design clients, and my countless hours of research into the interaction between the built environment and the human spirit, I’ve put together a curriculum to introduce you to the basics of creating a space that will comfort the body and refresh your spirit.

What We'll Learn

Every day for seven days, we’ll cover a new step in creating your sanctuary space, including:

  • 01 /

    Setting the right intentions

    It’s so important to get your sanctuary space off on the right foot

  • 02 /

    Where to choose to establish your sanctuary

    Finding the right space that works for you

  • 03 /

    Sanctuary practices!

    We’ll discuss the things that you’ll actually do in your sanctuary space

  • 04 /

    Outfitting your sanctuary

    What you choose to include in your space is critical to its effectiveness

And more secrets and strategies that I’ve learned along the way.

The Platform

I’ve created this class on an easy-to-use platform that will allow you to:

  • 01 /

    Take the course at your own pace,

  • 02 /

    See the sanctuary work that your sanctuary course-mates are creating

  • 03 /

    Share your own work, questions, challenges, and triumphs

  • 04 /

    Get answers to your questions directly from me, and

  • 05 /

    Get support from your coursemates within a secure, supportive community.

What's Included

In every class I’ve created a short video to introduce the topic, and a little bit of deeper reading about that topic. And then comes the activity for that class, and instructions on how to share with the class. We’ll work together toward creating your sanctuary. You’ll also automatically become a member of the Finding Sanctuary Community. As every sanctuary is always a work in progress, this community is the place where we share our challenges and our little (and big) victories.

How Do I Know if This is For Me?

If you’re wondering, here’s how you can know. If you…

  • 01 /

    Are looking for a sense of peace and serenity

  • 02 /

    Want to transform your life from one of frantic activity to one of balance and harmony

  • 03 /

    Wonder how to reconnect with your innate creativity

  • 04 /

    Need some good, old-fashioned self-care.

What Does it Cost?

Registration for Seven Days to Sanctuary is set at $188. But the investment is actually more than that. In this course you will also be asked to…

  • 01 /

    Be vulnerable.

  • 02 /

    Be open.

  • 03 /

    Be willing to listen deeply to your course-mates.

  • 04 /

    Be willing to be non-judgemental and supportive.

  • 05 /

    Be willing to let your sanctuary journey take you where it will.

There are no mistakes, and it’s no accident that you’ve read this far. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then…

How do I get started?

It’s super easy. We’re getting ready to launch the Second Edition of Seven Days to Sanctuary. If you want advance notice of when the doors will be open, add your name to the list by clicking below.