May 9, 2021

Sanctuary at work

This month Gulfshore Life, one of my favorite lifestyle magazines here in Naples, published a feature on the design of our studio. The writer did a fantastic job of describing how sanctuary translates into the design of a workplace, and the effects that it has on our visitors.

I was very intentional about the design of this space, and one of the comments I often get is “how can you ever be stressed working in a place like this?”

The answer is: it’s easy. Having such an intentionally designed sanctuary doesn’t magically turn every workday into bliss. I wish it did! But the space in which we work does help us process the stresses that come our way and foster our inner equilibrium.

When we need a moment of centering, we light a gorgeous, softly-scented candle (I have boxes of them dedicated just for our use here). We have a Meditation Room with low, soft seating and soft lighting where we can close the door and recenter ourselves. We have beautiful crystals around the studio harnessing the positive energy and keeping out the negative. We have soft music playing on our Sonos system, some of it composed by my husband Philip. We have a full kitchen and a stocked fridge, so if someone needs baked eggs with their coffee, it can totally be done. And speaking of coffee, we have the most delicious coffee ever. Not to mention the most handsome barista (I’m talking about you, Philip)!

These are all part of the toolbox of sanctuary that we use at work. Philip and I have a similar toolbox at home, and it has some of the same things in it.

And this is a microcosm for how sanctuary works in life. Having a sanctuary practice doesn’t turn every moment into bliss. But it is a toolbox of practices and possibilities that can take all the things life can throw at us and foster a sense of inner equilibrium, a foundation of resilience.

So let me ask you—what do you have in your toolbox? What do you use to intentionally create that sense of inner equilibrium and your foundation of resilience?

And if nothing comes to mind right away, let’s talk. Creating sanctuary for yourself can be one of the most rewarding and life-affirming practices you could possibly do, and I am happy to help.

With love and gratitude,


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