Sanctuary 101

So you're intrigued by this word, sanctuary - by this concept that seems to promise peace, comfort, safety, refuge? You have come to the right place to explore it further, to find out how to create this place for yourself, for your family, or maybe for someone you love.

Inside a sanctuary we find a private, sacred space that belongs to us alone. It’s the place where we are creative, while exploring the world around us — and also contemplative, while exploring the world inside us.

Each sanctuary space is profoundly personal. But through my research and an abundance of practice, I’ve found that certain features, shapes, even tactile experiences resonate like a tuning fork with our souls. Elemental crystals and deeply textured woods, the juxtaposition of pieces that emanate cool and warmth, the infinite symbolism of circles, quatrefoils and spheres — all serve to create spaces of beauty and order, creativity and light.

When designed with consideration and care, our environments cradle not only our bodies but also our spirits. And this is why, when we find sanctuary, we thrive.

Get Acquainted With Sanctuary

In my writing about sanctuary, there are a few terms that I like to use as shorthand for larger concepts:

If this resonates with you, then you're in the right place. Welcome.

Here's a few of my most popular posts so you can get right to what sanctuary is all about:

Become Part of the Community

I generally publish every two weeks, but it varies. Hurricanes happen and sometimes life gets a little crazy but I’ve put together a few ways we can stay in touch.

Find Your Sanctuary

This all culminates in encouraging us to slow down, breathe in life, and create for yourself that place where your body can rest, where your mind can be at ease, and where your spirit has a home.

Creating your own sanctuary space and spending time there will foster the growth of so many meaningful things in life.

If you want to jump right in, I’m offering a course entitled Seven Days to Sanctuary where I walk with you through the steps of creating this space of beauty and order, creativity and light.

Ready to begin?