April 17, 2020

Pandemic Survival Gear: Mobile Sanctuary

We all need reminders of sanctuary when we are out in the world. 

Especially these days when leaving our homes can feel like such a risky thing to do.

Especially these days when something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store is fraught with emotions. We are nervous, others are distant and possibly fearful, and interactions tend to be stilted and awkward at best. 

Aside from the basic precautions we must take, one of the most important things we can do when we go out, in spite of all of the obstacles, is to be as warmly human as possible. This means to recognize that everyone else is feeling at least as awkward as we are. This also means to keep in constant contact with our inner being, always striving to honor what is best in us.

What is needed is the energy of our sanctuary. We need to take all of that beauty and wonder and light into the world with us, but how do we do that?

The truth is that we do always take it with us, because a sanctuary is really only a tool to bring out what is already within. But more than that, we need to be reminded (sometimes minute-by-minute) that we carry the energy of our sanctuary within us. 

So how do we do that?

I’ve found it helpful to have a physical reminder—something I can touch, hold, and see. It needs to be something that engages the senses, the mind, and then the heart.

Philip has a heavy coin that he carries in his pocket for this purpose. It is engraved with the saying “Amor Fati” reminding him to embrace every moment with joy, regardless of circumstance. 

I love that he has that, but I wanted something that would work for me. I don’t do pockets.

I wanted something beautiful, so that it reminds me of the beauty that each of us has within. I wanted something that had symbolic qualities that could speak to me when I needed it. I also wanted something that could engage my tactile sense, that would remind me subtly of its presence and its message. 

When my friend Heather Wells send me the trio of bracelets she made especially for me, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

The symbolism of the crystals speaks to the transformation that I seek. Green is the color associated with creativity, so these beads remind me that the answers I need are within me. The cool beads against my skin feel peaceful even in the most volatile situations, and the silvery sound it makes when I move immediately brings me back to the here and now.

I wear these bracelets with the intention of carrying my sanctuary with me, and so they become a sort of talisman for me. They are a symbol of the sanctuary within, just like the sanctuary I’ve created for myself at home is a visible symbol for the beauty, wonder, and light that is within each of us.

This can be a truly powerful technique for bringing your sanctuary out into the world with you. 

What can we use for a reminder of our sanctuary within? Just about anything, truthfully. But I think there may be a few guidelines.

How to pick a Sanctuary Talisman

First, I think it would work better if it were unique. It should be something we notice. The loose change in the bottom of a purse, for example, goes unnoticed. So a crystal, or some small fragment of the sanctuary you have created at home would work. A small piece of driftwood, maybe, or a shell.

Also, your sanctuary talisman should have some sort of symbolic representation. It needs to remind you what it’s for. For example, Philip’s coin has an engraving that reminds him of its meaning. My bracelets have crystals that stand for specific aspects of sanctuary that are important to me.

So have fun with this! I encourage you to experiment. You cannot do it wrong, but you may find that some things work better than others. And if you feel like you want some suggestions, read on—the good news is coming…

Here’s the good news!

Philip and I have been working with Heather Wells and her husband Brian to make her Sanctuary Love Stack bracelets available to everyone. The day is finally here, and they are on our web site!! We’re excited to announce that the Finding Sanctuary Love Stack as well as the three component bracelets are available at the Finding Sanctuary Shop.

Each piece is hand-made with loving intention by Heather herself in her beautiful California workshop. It doesn’t get much more sanctuary than that.

So share with me what talismans call to you. What works? What doesn’t? I can’t wait to hear.

With gratitude and oh so much love, 


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