May 3, 2019

Lisa's Moments of Happiness

There’s nothing like a new toy to tap our inner child. The rush of happiness it brings scrolls back the years and erases our grown-up problems, for a moment. The only thing more fun, I learned recently, is when that new ‘toy’ happens to be one that also taps our inner artist. Then look out, world. It’s happy time, in overdrive—double chocolate, double cream!

The new Leica digital camera recently given to me by my ever-thoughtful husband Philip, who always seems to recognize the perfect gift for me and when I need it, is that joyful gift. (Is there someone in your life who can gauge your energy ups and downs and intuit your needs? Hang on to that special person!) Philip selected this camera, he said, because it’s “tiny, sexy and powerful.” Ooh. I love how this man reads me. 

It’s also an aperture (literally) to my own aesthetic expression. I can’t wait to follow my eye, and see what pics it leads to. Every day brings an abundance of beauty. I’m excited to capture a bit of that—something unexpected, I hope, that frames my unique perspective—and share some of those captured revelations with you.  You’ll be able to see what I’m calling my moments of happiness.

Memories can also tinder moments of happiness. I learned photography from my uncle Jeff Rousch, a professional photographer. Now, every time I pull out my Leica I’m reminded of Uncle Jeff, who taught me how to appreciate beauty from a camera’s point of view, and of Philip, who gave it to me. Moments of happiness, indeed.

Happiness unfolds at dawn…

I love to start my day with a sunrise walk with our dogs. The lake behind our house is so beautiful as it begins to wake up.  I’m inspired by the colors, textures and aromas that each new day brings.  What’s your moment of happiness?  I’d love to know.

With gratitude,


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  1. love the mornings- when the first grey light of the coming morning changes the sky- windows are open and cool spring air wafts in and the birds start calling up the morning with their sweet songs

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