August 2, 2019

Lisa’s Moments of Happiness

In my last Moments of Happiness post, I shared with you the wonderful gift of a small, elegant and state-of-the-art Leica camera given to me by my ever-thoughtful husband Phillip. Remember I told you this new toy not only unleashed my inner child, but also my inner artist? Now I’m excited to show you a few of my experiments with this (for me) different form of creativity—photos of a couple of sights and scenes in nature that caught my eye and touched my heart.

From our home in Naples, Florida, it’s an easy outing to the beach at Wiggins Pass State Park. Timing is everything. 

I love sunset, when the golden light kisses the water and sand, bathing the beach as far as the eye can see in its warm, soothing glow. Then the cycle winds down for the day and the water turns indigo then inky blue and black as our slice of the world sleeps. I also relish returning to the beach in the early mornings as the sun begins to gild the day anew. These encounters with the natural world in all its beauty feed my spirit and bring me into balance. Photographs of them serve as stand-ins for the actual experience when time is short—reminders of how it feels to be renewed to overflowing.

This tree captures my imagination. It has withstood gales, hurricanes, and even the physical onslaught of young love, bent on proudly carving its presence into the tree’s thick trunk for posterity. I’m enamored of the richness of its monochromatic palette—how many subtle variations of hue exist in bark that basically reads as a single color. The gnarls and knots speak to me of the life it has lived, endured. As always, I appreciate its authenticity and unabashed grace, and I humbly borrow its life lesson as I make my own path.

I’m delighted my new camera has allowed me to preserve these moments of happiness. The Leica really is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Where do you go in nature to take solace and find sustenance? Please take a minute to share with me a little about your sources of happiness.

With gratitude,


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