April 18, 2019

Lisa's Life Hacks


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my spiritual and creative explorations, it’s gratitude. To feel it. To take the time to express it. Usually that means silently, and only to myself. And it only takes a minute. Whatever the situation—and I mean no matter what—no matter how big or how bad we perceive it to be, taking the time to feel thankful will change our lives for the better. I promise.

So let’s look at the weekend. That’s ourtime. And understandably we want to stretch every inch of it, savor it, make it last. My life hack for doing that is to start from a place of thankfulness. Take a sec to realize that you, too, are in a place of abundance and not one that’s scarred with limitations or sieved and lacking.  Now. Make your weekend the target of that awareness of abundance. 

The thought can flow like this: “I’m so grateful for the time I have this weekend.” How tough was that? Yet that single, simple expression seems to stretch out the weekend. 

It makes sense when you realize that time is a powerful force for good in life. It’s your ally. When you are grateful for your time, you have enough for your family, friends and yourself; to be creative, as well as to rest and restore. 

Isn’t it amazing that this powerful life tool is one we carry in our pockets at all times? And it’s so easy to use! Appreciating our time can shed negativity and fear and shift our energy. 

So slow down this weekend. Take a moment to be grateful for the abundant time you have. Savor the present. And don’t worry about the future. You have everything you need. Happy weekend!

With gratitude,


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