July 19, 2019

Lisa's Life Hacks

Ways to Reconnect with Nature

We all need tips to master life so periodically I’ll share some of mine with you. 

Flower children of the ’60s and ’70s were really onto something with their back-to-nature/back-to-the-land movement. Fifty years later we are in the middle of a similar awakening, as people the world over are asking how we can better honor the planet we live on. We now know reconnecting with nature is imperative for a life well lived—for basic wellness. Especially since 90 percent of our lives are spent indoors!

So, what can we do short of the ’60s bee-keeping/vegetable-growing self-sustenance?


  • Take a walk. Take more than one. Start your day with a short walk to clear your head and breathe in fresh air. Get into the habit and the morning walk will be as vital a part of your morning routine as coffee. And try this radical thought: take another walk in the evening, when the hot summer sun has waned. I love starting and ending my day with these walks—my touchstones with the outdoors and the bookends for my day.
  • Have lunch outdoors. This affords a great dip into nature during the workday when it’s necessary to stay inside an office. I like to pick up a healthy bowl or wrap and eat my lunch at a favorite park. These excursions can be done with friends and colleagues but I recommend reserving some weekday picnics as solos. You can more attentively watch the butterflies dance as they pollinate the flowers when you’re alone than when you’re absorbed in conversation. Is there a bird sanctuary in your town? Take your lunch and a pair of binoculars there for a quiet reconnect with avian life in all its feathered majesty.
  • Kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the grass. This contact with earth is so important for wellness and well-being.
  • Let the sun warm your face. On your way to a mid-day meeting take a minute between rushing from one air-conditioned space to another and tilt your head up to really feel the sun’s warmth. Your meeting will feel more productive.
  • Open the windows in your home and allow fresh air to replace the stale climate-controlled air whenever the mercury and humidity aren’t too oppressive. Sleep with a window open and listen to the night sounds of nature as you fall asleep—peepers in the spring, crickets and cicadas in summer, owls and maybe foxes or larger mammals on the prowl, depending on where you live. Not only will you strengthen your relationship with nature, you will develop a more childlike excitement about life. Code: You will feel younger.

Once you begin rekindling your bond with nature, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities for interaction opening up. Will you take a minute to share some of those with me? We can all benefit from each other’s experiences. I’d love to hear from you.

With Gratitude,


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4 responses to “Lisa’s Life Hacks”

  1. Michelle Snyder says:

    Good Morning on this lovely Friday!
    Interestingly enough my sanctuary is set up on my lanai. So I am touching base with nature just about 5 days a week- listening to frogs, birds chirp, seeing lizards running on outside on lanai screen. Perhaps bunny on the yard. And despite the fact that our SW Florida summers can be very brutal with humidity, I still sit outside, enough my morning time, sanctuary time, candles, crystals, and coffee.

    And about 3 days a week my husband and I will go for a walk( this is for our personal fitness goals) however, it truly calms me down on many levels. Connecting with my spouse, (and truly trying to keep up with his fast walking pace)hahhaha and being outside, nature, new paths, we also see many things on our walks, friends, snakes, bunnies, we hope to keep avoiding the coyotes everyone keeps seeing in our neighborhood.. Yikes!

    So I love the idea of an evening walk and find I often do this more in the summer time , however I hope to make this a continued ritual more throughout the year.

    Thank you for the lovely picture on this blog,,

  2. Love this Lisa! Of course, I’m always looking for the Five Elements when there’s a list of 5 😉

    And sure enough, I was able to link Fire, Earth and Metal to your suggestions! If I were writing this, I would add Water – to sit near a body of water and allow it to take you away, learn to go with the flow. Then, Wood – just adding taking a walk on a wooded path (to your first one) and enjoy the shade of the trees.

    I do these ideas nearly every day, at least in the warm weather (and we’ll get some scorching heat this weekend!)


  3. Lisa Kahn says:

    What great additions, Maureen! Thank you for reading. HUGS!

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