July 12, 2020

Lisa Loves, Summer 2020 Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Lisa Loves. Since I haven’t written any “Lisa Loves” letters since the novel coronavirus made it’s appearance, I thought it might be a good time to share a few things that are my favorites, helping me get through this most interesting time. You might like to try them too!

My New Planting Beds

For Mother’s Day, my husband and son gave me a pair of raised planting beds for outside my kitchen window. I love being more aware of and more involved with my food sources. It might seem like a small thing, but planting vegetables and herbs and having a big fruit tree in a pot makes me feel grounded. It also helps me be in touch with the way I am meeting my body’s needs.

My zucchini growing
My little tomato plants just starting off

My Study

Right before the pandemic started, I created a study in an empty guest bedroom. A second sanctuary for myself might sound indulgent, but it has been such a gift to me. My primary sanctuary is my desk at the end of our great room. However I spent two semesters of graduate school trying to do deep reading at that desk with my husband asking me random questions, my son bursting in the front door, and the dogs alerting me and the rest of the world to every single package delivery, landscape worker, bird, rabbit, cloud shadow, and imaginary monster who might be by the front door. I couldn’t concentrate for the life of me.

So the need for a study became an imperative to my continuing education. And what a blessing it has become. It is a temple to my intellect and a haven with a door that closes. It’s a warm, cozy spot where I can read quietly, Philip and I can hang out or where we can all catch a movie when we feel like it.

I also keep my guitar in there, and so when I feel like it I can close the door and practice without the fear of someone wondering who on earth is caterwauling in there.

My desk where all the serious work gets done
A place to relax and catch up on my class reading

Lipospheric Vitamin C

I’m convinced that physical wellness is the new currency. I take one of these every morning when I get up. It is the most readily absorbable form of vitamin C available. We were turned on to these by a naturopath, and I feel like they render me bullet proof. And while that may not be exactly true, I have enjoyed long stretches of good health while taking them and gotten colds when I stopped. 

Whenever I’m feeling a little but of yuck I will also take one in the afternoon or evening.

Make sure you take these on an empty stomach, and give your body 15 minutes to absorb it afterward before you eat anything.

What are some of the “loves” that you’ve found to help you endure and find resilience over the past few months?

With all my love and gratitude,


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  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Jane says:

    Beautiful pictures! Love your greens! All of them!

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