January 24, 2021

Is It Truly Important?

I heard that a friend and colleague of mine passed away today. Honestly, it was a terrible shock. The last time I saw him he was hearty and hale. I certainly did not expect to get this news.

As it so often does, the Universe prodded me and gave me a pause over not only my own mortality, but what is actually important. 

I scrolled through my priorities and lists and thoughts, trying to compile a list of what’s important and was more than a little surprised to see that I had to scroll through so much garbage to get there. At the top were thoughts like these that have been a source of frustration:

  • The grocery delivery that brought me the wrong items
  • The dog that doesn’t understand the weekend clock and woke me up at 5:30 a.m.
  • The stains on the rug I just cleaned
  • The man who tailed me and then cut me off in traffic
  • The disparate beliefs and world views I hear at family gatherings

So I had to go through THAT to get to my family and friends, my sanctuaries, my work, my community, my dogs and my garden?

A humbling (and embarrassing) exercise to be sure. 

I found myself more than a little ashamed and increasingly tearful as I reworked that list through the lens of gratitude. Gratitude for:

  • The man who took time out of his day to shop for my groceries so I could stay home
  • The loving wags and barks from my dogs when they greet me each morning
  • The soft rug that cushions my feet
  • The nice car I’m driving around
  • The fact that most of my family is alive, well and healthy (knock on wood)

How can it be so easy to slip down a rabbit hole of frustration and anger and fear when we are facing our own mortality every single day? When the world is battling a deadly pandemic? When each breath is a gift, each conversation a boon, each smile further proof that there is good in the Universe?

I wish I knew.

As this day closes, I am humbled indeed. So I invite you, in fact I implore you to join me in taking a few minutes to think of what is meaningful to you. To express even the smallest gesture of gratitude for those things — a prayer, a few sentences in your journal, a quick phone call, text or email to someone who would love to hear from you. 

We are beings of love and light. And we forget all the time. 

Today, let us take a moment to remember what is truly important and to shine our love and light on the people (and pets and plants) that are dear to us. 

For myself, I am so grateful for you! For taking time to read my posts and for following the movement of sanctuary that we have started in this little corner of the world. Today let’s make a difference to someone or something we love. Tell me what you’re doing in the comments below. I would love to hear. I’ll bet we can start a chain reaction of goodness in the world today. And don’t we all need it? 

With love and gratitude,


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One response to “Is It Truly Important?”

  1. Kathy Stafford says:

    Hi Lisa. thank you for the invitation to reflect again on gratitude! I constantly have to reset my mind and rebalance. Our brains are programed to default to the negative. This is an evolutionary mechanism to preserve the species. Humans had to to be ever vigilant and expecting bad things. So if we stayed prepared for disaster, chances were less that we would be surprised and eaten by something big and scary. Expecting the worst kept us alive in the caveman days. UGH. Good job evolution. But in modern times, this is one giant pain in the butt.
    So we have to be kind to ourselves when our brain does it’s natural thing. So we get weird and forget gratitude, then we feel guilt about that. then we wonder what is wrong with us…… my favorite rabbit hole to go down.
    The only thing I can think to do is say, “hello brain doing your thing”, but now I am going to redirect you to (pick any thing I feel grateful for right now). Being human is so ridiculous! Still Grateful! 🙂

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