May 2, 2021

Intuition and Intrigue

Feeling stuck is something that happens to all of us. Just walking down the road of life, stuckness happens. What do we do then? What tools do we have in our toolbox to help us move out of that frustrating moment?

I have an interesting idea I’d like to share.

I have been considering creating a deck of Sanctuary Cards as a tool for getting unstuck. It’s been percolating for awhile now and as part of my research, I have been checking out various other decks of cards—everything from oracle to tarot to conversation/connection prompts. The deck I’ve found particularly inspiring is Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. He created his deck for those moments of creative crisis when you get stuck in the midst of an endeavor and need some direction, or maybe even a life line. The tag line reads: Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas. The cards come in a sexy, black box with gold printing. I ordered a deck a few years ago and waited months for it to arrive. It is among my most treasured possessions.

Inside the box are the following, intriguing directions:

These cards evolved from separate observations of the principles underlying what we were doing. Sometimes they were recognized in retrospect (intellect catching up with intuition), sometimes they were identified as they were happening, sometimes they were formulated.

They can be used as a pack (a set of possibilities being continuously reviewed in the mind) or by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation. In this case the card is trusted even if its appropriateness is quite unclear. They are not final, as new ideas will present themselves, and others will become self evident.

What I love is the suggestion of trust that in picking a card, you will receive the direction that you need, whether it’s clear or not. But knowing that it will become clear as you follow the direction it gives you. It’s basically following your intuition. I love my intuition—it never leads me wrong.

Looking at life through the lens of the sanctuary philosophy, I have several go to’s in my toolbox of what to do when life gets frustrating, which I will share with you here:

  1. Stop what you’re doing and go outside for a few minutes. 
  2. Light a candle. Suggestion: Our Finding Sanctuary Grounding or Soothing Candle
  3. Sit down, close your eyes and breathe. Empty your lungs completely to start. Inhale for 6, hold for 3 at the top, exhale for 6 and hold for 3 at the bottom. Repeat this sequence 3 times. 
  4. Make a list! Write 3 things you are grateful for right now. Suggestion: Write them in a Finding Sanctuary Watercolor Journal
  5. Put on some soft music. Suggestion: Quietude by Philip Stephen Allen
  6. Wrap yourself tightly in a shawl, throw or blanket. Just snuggle yourself for a few minutes with your eyes closed.
  7. Make a hot beverage of your choice: tea, coffee, etc. Inhale the aroma and enjoy sipping it slowly while letting your mind empty for a few, blessed moments.
  8. Look around you for something out of place or that needs tidying or cleaning up. Clean it up. Creating order is good for the soul, even if it’s something small.
  9. Lay down on the floor or ground in the corpse pose (just flat, if you’re not a yoga person), close your eyes and feel your body being held and supported by the Earth.
  10. Jump up and dance for 2 minutes. Any kind of dancing will do. Get your blood moving and your heart pumping.

As I started writing all of these down, I realized there are so many ideas that flow from this inspiration. This list could easily be the start of a deck of Sanctuary Cards that could be used to give a suggestion for relief and feeling better. I’d love to hear what you do to change your perspective, change your mind, or change your energy when you are feeling stuck or unhappy. Will you share with me?

Also I’m curious—would you use a deck of cards like this? Are they worth creating? I’m thinking of adorning them with my watercolor designs so they are as lovely to look at as they are to use.

So share you ideas and thoughts with me! I can’t wait to hear.

With love and gratitude,


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