May 1, 2020

Grace notes for sanctuary seekers

I love inspiring and thought-provoking quotes. When I was younger, I voraciously read Alexandra Stoddard’s writing on lifestyle, decorating and personal life philosophy. She inspired me to start journaling (thank you, Alexandra!). She had a habit of including quotes that she called “grace notes” at the bottom of the pages in her books. I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed her writing. It felt like a treasure hunt, finding them down there, never sure what they were going to say. In fact, they ended up being so popular with her readers that she went on to publish a book called Grace Notes where she captured and shared them all. Delightful!

So in the spirit of Alexandra, I have been looking around for some inspiration lately and decided to start sharing a quote that I love each day on my Finding Sanctuary Facebook page and my Instagram account. The response has been wonderful. I know that not all of you are on social media, so I thought I would start sharing the week of quotes with you on Fridays as a retrospective of the week, thinking they might inspire you too. We’ve made them sharable, if you’d like to pass them along in an email, text or through your own social media. 

What quotes or affirmations inspire you? I’d love to hear. Share them with me in the comments below. Maybe we’ll choose YOUR favorite quote to feature on one of our upcoming shares. 

Also, if you’re not part of the Sanctuary Collective, you might want to come join. There is such an abundance of joy and peace and gratitude in that group. It is truly becoming an oasis of sanctuary where we all need it most. I hope you’ll join us! Come join us today.

With love and gratitude,


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One response to “Grace notes for sanctuary seekers”

  1. Michelle Snyder says:

    Hello on this lovely Saturday of May.. Gosh our weather is just gorgeous these days and very thankful for mother nature.

    I love reading quotes and inspirations from different sources. Along with your blog and Sanctuary Collective, I subscribe to “Project Happiness : and receive daily emails of quotes, and they too send a recap on Sunday of the week. I love to re- read just in case I missed anything during the week or perhaps a quote now resonates with me that didn’t at the time I read it.

    A quote I truly love and think of it more as my MOTTO, is’
    Life is a journey not a destination.”
    This one truly hits home with me, because of my “hurridness nature,and bit of anxiety and always wanting to relax once we get there type of mentality.

    I have also purchased this little book “YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THIS DAY AGAIN” and it has fun all types of quotes in it as well.

    Among so many in this book, this quote by Joe Vitale, I like a lot.

    “A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.”

    This one is SO me!! I am goal and task oriented personality. I set goals for myself, weekly, monthly , yearly. And this appeals to me fitness and career goals mostly. I love when I decide to train for a race, I pick the race, think about, the time frame , the training time, can I do it? And then BOOM! I sign up and pull the trigger. It excites to start to train, get mind set etc. and scares me a bit to know the time and dedication I will be putting in, along with sore feet and back.,LOL But I love it all the same.

    Thank you for sharing your quotes and keep them coming !

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