January 9, 2022

Come to sanctuary in the mountains

Now that we have survived our first full week of 2022, we find ourselves settling back (perhaps a bit uneasily at first) into the saddle of work and responsibility. It’s a new year with new goals and even broader horizons. As we’ve been discussing the things that we’d like to accomplish in the coming years, exciting ideas have started flowing! 

One of our best ideas that continues to surface is establishing an outpost of sorts in the mountains. 

If you’re wondering where people in the subtropics want to go to get away, it’s the mountains. Always. Within a one-day drive of Naples is a magical spot that we both have come to love and adore. It’s called Highlands and is about an hour away from Asheville in North Carolina. Sound intriguing? It is. 

What does an outpost look like? 

To us it looks like a property with acreage, at least five, but up to as many as 20 acres. We’d love to have an abundance of land to wander and enjoy. If that property had a stream running through it, all the better. When two of the water signs of the zodiac, Cancer (Lisa) and Scorpio (Philip) put down roots together, there has to be H2O involved. Oh — and whiskey. But that’s a different post.

Of course we’d need a house, and in a perfect world, there would be a few other buildings like barns, sheds and even a cottage. It wouldn’t matter if they were a little ramshackle. After all, we know a guy (and a girl). We can make sanctuary out of ANYTHING. 

That’s what this would be — us finding (and creating) sanctuary in the mountains. But the dream is bigger than us. We want to share this sanctuary with you! 

Recently, we’ve had the experience of sharing our sanctuary at home with friends and colleagues who have never visited before. Over and over we heard, “Wow — now I get it.” Sanctuary suddenly made sense to them. Experiencing sanctuary first-hand is powerful, and that is why this idea of a mountain sanctuary as a retreat center is so appealing to us. 

We’re dreaming about live retreats and events and classes about sanctuary. A big, sun-drenched kitchen that produces beautiful, healthy meals for our guests, a light-filled room where Lisa can paint and share therapeutic art techniques, and a music studio where Philip can continue to write and record the soundtracks of sanctuary. A library filled with books. A property to wander with a labyrinth on the grounds where together we can explore the power of meditative movement. 

We could even have a barn and pasture for a couple of rescued horses and other animals. Can you see the vision developing? We can. We see a place, a true sanctuary, that cradles our bodies, awakens our minds and hearts, and encourages our spirits.

We would love your feedback on this idea. Would you consider coming to an event or retreat in a place like this? What would you like to experience while there? We would so love to hear as we continue to explore and develop this idea. Send us a message or add a comment in the box below.

With love and gratitude,

Lisa & Philip

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7 responses to “Come to sanctuary in the mountains”

  1. Lisa says:

    YES! I love this idea and would be on my way. Do you remember once when at a dinner we talked about “camp” for grownups? You and Philip could make it happen. Xoxo

  2. Deana says:

    Oh my gosh, yes!

    I’m lucky enough to have been in your home recently, and someone who thought they were “getting it” when it came to Sanctuary, but to experience such a warm hug of a space that you’ve filled with interesting, beautiful pieces that you love and that have meaning and inspire you, is to really, really understand it. Every space, even those that are supposed to be more utilitarian, seemed to be curated to nurture the soul, or turned inside out and given a whole new identity that’s works for you. I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it and how it made me want to feel in my own space.

    So yes, if Kevin Costner can build a baseball field in the middle of a corn field and inspire people, then I know you can get this retreat going too!

    PS – I have a handsome rabbit to get that animal sanctuary off the ground.

  3. LInda Monteleone says:

    I love this idea. The thought of having a “place” of sanctuary as a destination sounds like a wonderful plan. I am in Pennsylvania and have a good friend who lives in Asheville…so perhaps I would get an opportunity to visit. It’s something to look forward to in the future. A dream worth doing, for sure…a beautiful thought for the future and a “new” 2022 of amazing energy, positive focus and new friends. I’m an eternal optimist, so I say, “Go for it!” You are a light. Shine on!

  4. Laurie Cowan Phillips says:

    It sounds perfect. In fact, we’re creating an identical sanctuary in Vermont. I look forward to sharing our paradise with you and Philip. By the way, I am a cancer and Ric is a Scorpio. Interesting coincidence. ❤️

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