January 10, 2020

Adversity, Resilience and Sanctuary

Last week I was on a phone call with a good friend and she asked me, “Looking back at 2019, what word would you give the year as a descriptor, now that it’s over?”

It gave me a pause. I had picked the word “manifest” for 2019 at its beginning. And indeed I manifested some amazing things.

  • I purchased a building for Lisa Kahn Designs. Hooray!
  • I transferred to a new, more challenging graduate school and aced my first class.
  • I found meaning and transformation in what I learned in my class on integral ecologies.
  • I created a second sanctuary space for myself at home: a quiet, beautiful study where I can – really focus on my school work.
  • I outfitted my husband’s sanctuary (his music studio) with a beautiful studio desk that holds his music equipment and hides all of those black cables that are a part of recording music.
  • The business had a banner year. Philip and I could not be more pleased.
  • My children are healthy and each thriving in their way. We are full of gratitude for that.

There were also several more challenging situations that occurred this year. I won’t make a list (Philip might be reading this – ha!), but a couple of them were doozies, and really asked more of me than I would have dreamed back in January.

Looking back at the year, however, I realized that I was able to roll with the punches this year in a way that I never have before. It turns out I am more resilient than I’ve ever been.

A byproduct of my sanctuary work and the effect of sanctuary in my life? Decidedly yes.

That’s just part of what sanctuary does for me. Keeping in close touch with who I really am, what is important to me, and staying grounded in gratitude on a daily basis has made a huge difference in my life.

What a thing to be grateful for.

Now I’d like to ask you — would you like to share what is your word for 2019 now that it’s over? I’d love to read what it is.

With gratitude,


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One response to “Adversity, Resilience and Sanctuary”

  1. What a beautiful recap Lisa, we all have highs and lows but being grateful for warts and all is uplifting. In 2019 I had two goals, to work internationally and to cultivate a dynamic team. So my work is also MANIFEST, i worked in Germany and Italy and started consulting and now am a partner in a Made In USA manufacturer with an international team of experts and consultants ready to ROCK 2020! My word for 2020 is PROCESS, setting up systems and being dedicated to them for success. TY for sharing your inspiring journey and I was def channeling your sanctuary lessons setting up my new home office. Happy 2020 my friend!!

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