Sanctuary Right Here, Right Now

The hurricane. The politics. The news. The shootings. The climate. The hate. The worry. I turned on the news today and then turned it off quickly. It reminded me why I rarely, if ever, watch those live news broadcasts anymore. I don’t have the stomach, or the heart for them. It’s…

The Secret Art of the Bath

A quick checklist for a sanctuary bath experience: quiet time and place thick, thirsty bath sheet magnesium salts of some kind a candle or two a bath board (where have I been without this??) lavender oil (or your favorite essential oil) some soft, soulful, background music Everyone knows…

Picture of a river rushing over rocks

You truly deserve better.

Guess what? You deserve better. You have been eeking by with less than you deserve. You, my beloved reader, deserve to be able to relax. You deserve to be able to plug in and be present with your family. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty at some point…

Getting started with sanctuary

When I was a little girl I wanted to be like Olivia Newton John. I wanted to play guitar and sing with the voice of an angel. So I convinced my mom to let me take guitar lessons. But I didn’t learn how to play “I Honestly Love You” or “Have You Never Been…

Sanctuary for the Holidays

A Sanctuary Holiday. Is that even possible? If you are anything like me, you have experienced (and yes, created for yourself) holidays that are over-scheduled, over-stuffed and over-blown. It happens. It’s horrifying, but it happens.

Side Effects of Sanctuary

Last weekend I asked my husband if he wanted to go out to dinner or to a movie. He gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “You know, I’d honestly rather stay in.” I chuckled, said I felt the same, but didn’t want to seem boring. He laughed and said that wanting to stay home…

Sanctuary On The Go

Sanctuary is more than just a space. It’s a mindset, meaning that it can go wherever YOU go. This is how I take sanctuary with me wherever I go.

My Own Search for Sanctuary

Finding sanctuary in my own life has been an an extraordinary journey – one that continues today. But it all started with my baby girl.