What gifts will we bring?

A few months ago I sat on an outcropping of rock in the Grand Tetons, and looked out over square miles of Wyoming landscape stretched out before me. Philip and I had hiked for a good two hours to get to that vantage point (called Inspiration Point, ironically), and as we sat to rest and…

A Gift of Self

Maybe it’s the half-century birthday that is getting ever closer. Maybe it’s the weight of all the STUFF I’ve been dragging along with me — more stuff than I even have cupboards or closets to hold. Maybe it’s my impatience with complication and obligation that seems to be…

Belonging, Sanctuary and Silver Threads

I’m sitting down to write this on September 28th. My dad would have been 74 years old today. But, as he only made it to his 68th year, he isn’t here to sip this celebratory whiskey with me. I’ll have to drink it alone, which makes me laugh. He once told me that he never …

Time Capsule Letter to Myself, The Birthday Girl

Hello, honey. Today is our birthday. We have A LOT to celebrate. And since birthdays are perfect timing for reflection, for taking stock, I wanted to write to you with a hint of what’s ahead, a reminder of what’s worth considering.

Being broken open

On a sunny day in Asheville in a crystal shop I spotted along the road, I held a geode in my hands. My eyes took in the glitter of the crystals that had grown within, but my mind was on my son, my daughter, and where we were all headed.