What gifts will we bring?

A few months ago I sat on an outcropping of rock in the Grand Tetons, and looked out over square miles of Wyoming landscape stretched out before me. Philip and I had hiked for a good two hours to get to that vantage point (called Inspiration Point, ironically), and as we sat to rest and…

A Gift of Self

Maybe it’s the half-century birthday that is getting ever closer. Maybe it’s the weight of all the STUFF I’ve been dragging along with me — more stuff than I even have cupboards or closets to hold. Maybe it’s my impatience with complication and obligation that seems to be…

Girl on sailboat

Finding the Good Life

I walked by the copy of Veranda on my desk and saw the cover. “The Good Life,” it said in bold letters. It really got me thinking. I used to work for the Good Life. I worked my you-know-what off, and so did my husband. We chased it together, trading off 20-hour days. There…

Sanctuary Rescue Remedy

I wanted to write a blog post about the New Year. About intentions. About that one special word that is the inspiration I choose to focus on for 2017. But that’s not what happened when I sat down to write. What happened was a bit more unexpected, a bit more raw. And I think it’s…

Sanctuary for the Holidays

A Sanctuary Holiday. Is that even possible? If you are anything like me, you have experienced (and yes, created for yourself) holidays that are over-scheduled, over-stuffed and over-blown. It happens. It’s horrifying, but it happens.

Time Capsule Letter to Myself, The Birthday Girl

Hello, honey. Today is our birthday. We have A LOT to celebrate. And since birthdays are perfect timing for reflection, for taking stock, I wanted to write to you with a hint of what’s ahead, a reminder of what’s worth considering.

Scissors, thread, and measuring tape

My Mother’s Sanctuary

Without needing a word for it, my mother made her love manifest in everything around her. I found my first sanctuary in her arms, and in every corner of my childhood home.

The Importance of Signposts

When I feel like I have lost my way, signposts help point me in the right direction. But they rarely look like I would expect, and often that direction is one I wouldn’t have imagined.