Coming Home

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. More than my typical summer travel. I’ve been to Wyoming, Charleston and Ohio and am typing this from 30,000 feet on my way to Atlanta. When I get back, I head to Toronto in a couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong — I do like to travel, but…

Photo of a kitten curled up in a tiny dish, creating a sanctuary of its own - photo by Alex Pavlou

Even small sanctuaries are powerful

Every once in awhile I get a little sanctuary wake up call. This week was one of those times. For some reason, sleeping through the night has become a rarity for me. Not sure why this has happened – is it my age? My changing patterns and cycles? My stress level and worry? Or just…

Picture of a river rushing over rocks

You truly deserve better.

Guess what? You deserve better. You have been eeking by with less than you deserve. You, my beloved reader, deserve to be able to relax. You deserve to be able to plug in and be present with your family. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty at some point…

Side Effects of Sanctuary

Last weekend I asked my husband if he wanted to go out to dinner or to a movie. He gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “You know, I’d honestly rather stay in.” I chuckled, said I felt the same, but didn’t want to seem boring. He laughed and said that wanting to stay home…

Being broken open

On a sunny day in Asheville in a crystal shop I spotted along the road, I held a geode in my hands. My eyes took in the glitter of the crystals that had grown within, but my mind was on my son, my daughter, and where we were all headed.

A Sanctuary of Candles

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” ~ Anne Frank Candles are one of my favorite ways to create a sense of sanctuary. Here are a few of my favorite finds.