Here is What I Know For Sure

This journey, this path of Finding Sanctuary, is what my life is about. I can’t wait to share it with you and to have you share your experiences with me in return. Join me. Let’s hold space for each other and walk together for awhile. I’m really glad you’re here.

The Secret Art of the Bath

A quick checklist for a sanctuary bath experience: quiet time and place thick, thirsty bath sheet magnesium salts of some kind a candle or two a bath board (where have I been without this??) lavender oil (or your favorite essential oil) some soft, soulful, background music Everyone knows…

Picture of a river rushing over rocks

You truly deserve better.

Guess what? You deserve better. You have been eeking by with less than you deserve. You, my beloved reader, deserve to be able to relax. You deserve to be able to plug in and be present with your family. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty at some point…

Girl on sailboat

Finding the Good Life

I walked by the copy of Veranda on my desk and saw the cover. “The Good Life,” it said in bold letters. It really got me thinking. I used to work for the Good Life. I worked my you-know-what off, and so did my husband. We chased it together, trading off 20-hour days. There…

Getting started with sanctuary

When I was a little girl I wanted to be like Olivia Newton John. I wanted to play guitar and sing with the voice of an angel. So I convinced my mom to let me take guitar lessons. But I didn’t learn how to play “I Honestly Love You” or “Have You Never Been…

Sanctuary Rescue Remedy

I wanted to write a blog post about the New Year. About intentions. About that one special word that is the inspiration I choose to focus on for 2017. But that’s not what happened when I sat down to write. What happened was a bit more unexpected, a bit more raw. And I think it’s…

Sanctuary for the Holidays

A Sanctuary Holiday. Is that even possible? If you are anything like me, you have experienced (and yes, created for yourself) holidays that are over-scheduled, over-stuffed and over-blown. It happens. It’s horrifying, but it happens.

Sanctuary: The Anti-Trend

Don’t get me wrong — I love fashion and trends as much as anyone. But when it comes to the sanctuaries I design, I’m not as excited to explore the latest looks or to follow the crowd.

Belonging, Sanctuary and Silver Threads

I’m sitting down to write this on September 28th. My dad would have been 74 years old today. But, as he only made it to his 68th year, he isn’t here to sip this celebratory whiskey with me. I’ll have to drink it alone, which makes me laugh. He once told me that he never …

The five questions I ask myself every day

This happened just the other day: I’m sitting with a good friend I haven’t seen in forever, and I was talking about sanctuary and the utter revolution it has been in my life. She asked, “So you have this place of peace – that’s really wonderful. But what do you do when…

The alchemy of vulnerability

Magic happens when we lower our defenses and approach the world unguarded and vulnerable.  I took that risk at a talk I gave to designers across the country a few weekends ago.