September 28, 2018

Finding Sanctuary in Costa Rica

In seeking sanctuary as I travel through my days, I have been so fortunate this year to have gone some amazing places. And it may or may not come as a surprise to you to hear that I can find sanctuary almost every place I go. It’s my thing. But what about you? Do you take it with you when you leave home, that peaceful, sanctuary feeling? Or do you rather seek it as you travel?

I always take a few sanctuary tools with me — a candle, a crystal or two, some essential oil, my journal, some soft music. But what’s been my big revelation this year is that I find more authentic expressions of sanctuary when I turn away from my own go-to’s and just sink into the place I am in. That surprised me. And then I thought about that old William Hurt movie, “The Accidental Tourist,” and laughed. Yeah, I am so not that. He spent his life writing travel manuals for people who wanted to travel but also to insulate themselves in a way that allowed them to have almost all of the comforts of their normal, daily lives with them. In my estimation, his manuals prevented his readers from being fully present and enjoying all of the experiences in the place they visited. I know people like this. I didn’t realize I could have been on my way to becoming one of them!

As I sunk into Costa Rica this summer, the biggest thing that hit me was the visual feast right in front of my eyes, right in front of my camera lens, as it were. I just have to share some of what I captured with you:

Butterflies were EVERYWHERE. I love butterflies — they remind me of the power of transformation.
The shapes, patterns, varied colors, and general luminosity of the leaves was breathtaking.
Everywhere there was art, created by Mother Nature. This mushroom reminded me of the geodes I love so much.
I saw this circular “hoop” and thought of Romper Room. Am I dating myself? I see Nancy, Philip, Michael…
Bonnets for tree fairies, perhaps? Or frogs?
Are those tree roots, or Celtic knotwork?
This fungus formation stopped me right in my tracks. Fungus? More like a flower.
I know it’s moss, but I saw snowflakes for a minute there.
The look of these sweet shells embedded into this rock fascinated me.
Could these colors be any more vivid? There is an entire home color scheme in this picture.
Tell me this doesn’t look like a long-suffering man, holding up the base of the tree…

To see the beauty and sanctuary around you, wherever you are, you have to open your eyes. Shift your lens. Be willing to change your perspective. It takes a dose of mindfulness, a modicum of presence, a desire to grow and be transformed by the environment around you. But it’s so there. It’s so waiting for you.

I found sanctuary in Costa Rica. I found it several other places too, that I will feature in upcoming posts. Where have YOU found sanctuary lately? Tell me in the comments below. You know I can’t wait to read them.

With love and gratitude,


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2 responses to “Finding Sanctuary in Costa Rica”

  1. Michelle Snyder says:

    Oh goodness , those pictures were gorgeous!! What a site for my eyes this lovely Friday morning. And just what I wanted to read as I needed and craving to catch up on my sanctuary time a bit this morning. As I sit on my lanai, coffee, canldes and crystal all around me, I hear the birds and frogs awaking with me.
    This labor day weekend I was lucky enough to travel to colorado and OH the beauty.!!! My eyes were so overwhelmed with the contrast to our Florida beauty. So different and truly my inner soul loved it!!! The mountains, the air, rivers, streams,, all of it was enjoyed my me and my travel partner, hubby. Every day we just spoke and relished in it all, biking to aspen, hiking in snowmass, walking everywhere. It was all around us every day.
    And thanks to your Sanctuary Class on line, I now bring some Sanctuary with me daily and when I travel too. But I do like and appreciate the fact that you teach and also put out there.. “look around you”’ be on the present and you can find Sanctuary all around you.
    I look forward to your other travel pictures as I know you have more hidden gems in that camera of yours. XoxoxMichelle

    • Lisa Kahn says:

      Michelle, you are just a love. I absolutely ADORE Colorado. So incredibly beautiful. And I love that you take sanctuary with you wherever you go. So when are you going to share those CO pics with me??

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