Here is what I know for sure: our spirits are profoundly impacted by the environments around us. When designed well, our spaces can cradle our bodies AND our spirits. They can inspire us and remind us of what is important in our lives.

A beautiful sanctuary can be a slice of sanity – a place to stretch out and enjoy the pursuits that express our deepest creativity, as well as the rituals that feed our souls.

Like a tuning fork, well-designed sanctuaries resonate with the pitch of our evolving spirit. When we lose the tone (and we all do from time to time), our sanctuary is still there humming strong and sure, helping us find our way back to ourselves.

To me, sanctuary means a space of our own where we are nurtured, supported in our efforts to explore and express ourselves. Where it’s safe to be our most vulnerable, where we can go to discover who we really are. Always knowing that if we stumble or fall, our sanctuary will hold us, house us, and remind us that everything is – and always will be – okay.

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