Picture of a river rushing over rocks

You truly deserve better.

Guess what? You deserve better.

You have been eeking by with less than you deserve.

You, my beloved reader, deserve to be able to relax. You deserve to be able to plug in and be present with your family. You deserve peace of mind.

You deserve to be surrounded by beauty at some point during the day, don’t you?

Yes, you deserve that beauty. You deserve abundance. You deserve comfort and nurturing and respite. You, yes you, deserve the chance to enjoy the fruit of your labors.

You deserve time for curiosity and delight. You deserve love and attention.

You deserve to have a place to collect your thoughts. You deserve a place for that picture of your favorite aunt, the one who constantly told you how amazing you are. Because you truly are!

You deserve a few minutes of quiet concentration to hand-write that letter you’ve wanted to send to an old friend.

You deserve a place of peace where you can marshal the love and care you need to be able to give, especially in times of adversity.

I look at it like this: if someone is floundering in a fast-moving river, can I best help by jumping in and floundering beside her? Not really. What she needs is a steady hand from someone on solid ground.

When you make yourself a sanctuary, and give yourself the gifts that you deserve, you are that person on solid ground. You will benefit, and so will the ones who depend upon you.

So find that quiet place in your home. Take those few moments. Light that candle that you love, and put aside the voices saying you should be doing something productive. You actually are doing something productive. Something for you.

Meditate, pray, stretch, or just wrap your arms around yourself and breathe deeply. Each moment that we do this is like a pebble. Enough of them, cemented together, become the foundation of a mighty fortress.

This is what sanctuary is for.

With gratitude,