Sanctuary: The Anti-Trend

Don’t get me wrong — I love fashion and trends as much as anyone. But when it comes to the sanctuaries I design, I’m not as excited to explore the latest looks or to follow the crowd.

I find myself actually resisting trends. I want the investment that my clients are making to last. I want to hear from them ten years down the road that while the house is still beautiful, they are ready to freshen certain rooms and replace things that are worn. I don’t want to hear that they feel like their home is dated, tired and out of fashion. Because the true intention behind the creation of interior spaces as sanctuaries is to connect deeply with the spirit of the inhabitant. To reflect outwardly what is inside. To serve as a beacon and sign post to the person who spends time there, a reminder of what is truly important and valuable to them.

So seeking sanctuary is, to me, a path of exploration leading to a path of truth. Maybe even a path to enlightenment. It involves a lot of looking inward. Reflection and thought. And then the intentional expression of what is found there. This type of expression leads to spaces that are intensely personal. Highly individual. And while there may be some underlying common themes, they are each very different. As highly individual as the people who inhabit them.

In this way, creating sanctuaries becomes the opposite of showing off trendy looks and products. To me, it is the anti-trend of interior design.

That makes me laugh. I sound like such a rebel!

The truth is I just returned from a fall furniture market in High Point, North Carolina. I always see trendy things there, as with all markets I attend anywhere in the world. It’s fun to see what’s new, what has a buzz to it. But it definitely isn’t WHY I go. I go to source products, discover new resources, find inspiration. I go to find things that belong in a variety of different types of sanctuaries.

When I am interviewed and asked about trends, I find it fascinating — as if that’s all that is interesting in the world of design. To me design is an amazing tool we can use to make our lives and the world better. It’s SO MUCH MORE than simple trends and looks.

How do you feel about the trends you see? Do you buy the latest and greatest or invest in more timeless choices? I’d love to hear.

With gratitude,